Pre Cana – Prelude

Well, we just finished taking our Pre Cana test for Villanova. Truth be told, it brought up some interesting questions. None that are going to make us reconsider getting married or anything, but interesting nonetheless.

It started out with some demographic information. That part was pretty easy, I felt like I actually had what they would consider a “correct” answer when I got to put “No” for “Are you pregnant?”

The test then moved into just under 200 questions that I got to answer on an old school Scantron answer sheet. The possible answers were “Agree”, “Disagree”, and “Uncertain”; not exactly a fine level of granularity in which to express myself. The booklet said not to share our answers with each other, which simply proved that Meg and I “agree” that directions are not meant to be followed.

The questions were related to a number of different things, religious, financial, sexual, and drugs/alcohol to name a few. The weird part is that they weren’t grouped by section, so they kept jumping around from topic to topic.

There were a few questions I noticed had to be total red flag questions. As in, if we answered differently, the church would kick us out before we even got to the class. For instance, “I am hoping that marriage will solve some of the major problems in my life.” That was question 122, but I imagine that putting “Agree” as the answer immediately disqualifies you from anything having to do with marriage. Same with “I have doubts that my commitment to this marriage is strong enough for a lifetime.”

My favorite had to be “I sometimes feel that this may not be the right person for me to marry.” Now, I’m no relationship expert, but there is a distinctly correct answer to that question. I’d love to see some woman get button-hooked in the Pre Cana class by having the priest show her that her fiancee or, “future spouse” as the test kept calling them, submitted a response indicating he’s not sure she’s the one. Alas, I don’t imagine I’ll be seeing anything that entertaining at these classes.

Another quality question was “Drinking or using drugs causes my future spouse to act inappropriately.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but is that not the whole purpose of drinking in the first place? I’d also love to see what they definition of “inappropriately” is.

So, that was the test, or at least a small subset of the test. Pre Cana is in two weeks, and it’s definitely going to be interesting. Rest assured I’ll be posting some color commentary on the events of that weekend. That is, unless I managed to foul up any of the answers on this test so badly that they just disqualify me before I even get there…


  1. I loved the commentary on the marriage test! I am taking a study break, and you had me laughing out loud. What more can I ask for? Great job on the site so far!

  2. Interesting reading… they really ask you that stuff. Some of it is very funny. It had me laughing also. Try to keep the humor in it and it will get you through…. Again, could always be worse….. More to come, Love….

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