I’m the Geek…

This is a post I’ve wanted to make since well before the site actually went live. In fact, it is largely the reason behind the “His and Her Journals” concept. It revolves around a revelation I had near the start of all the wedding planning. It is also a post that I fear will get me into quite a bit of trouble.

I’m a geek. No, this is not the revelation, I’ve known this for quite some time now. I’m a computer dork by trade and by hobby (case and point, I created and host this site). I like Lord of the Rings. I play video games. By all definitions, I am a geek.

Being a geek, prior to meeting Meg I was often shunned by the opposite sex (still not sure how Meg managed to see past it, but I have a hunch it rhymes with “Sum and Coke”). Me and my brethern geeks like things like hobbits and knights and dragons. Most women think they are childish.

Yet, once all of the Hallmark fluff and propaganda has twisted marriage into a “wedding”, what we are left with is a day where a woman can dress up and pretend she is a princess.

Let me explain. For those of you who haven’t heard a woman describe her wedding, it is always “beautiful” and “elegant” and “perfect” and “white” (everything in a wedding is white, just take my word on that one). Women spend exorbitant amounts of money on insanely long, white, and otherwise jeweled dresses that require a larger staff of people to carry it than are required to pilot most small ships. They sit on a metaphorical (or in many cases, physical) throne for all to see. They gather an entourage of friends and relatives to wait on them hand and foot (sorry if this is a surprise to any of the women in Meg’s bridal party, but rest assured this is in fact your role).

Short of having a court jester (which many would argue is the groom), a wedding is effectively a way for a woman to enter a fantasy world and live out dreams of being a princess. Where geeks like to imagine a world in which knights rule the land, women actually go so far as to spend insane amounts of money to actually visualize a similar fantasy.

Yet somehow, my fascination with elves and twenty dollar Lord of the Rings DVD makes ME the geek.


  1. Jay, you say you’re a geek. This may be true, but you’re smart to hang around someone who, for example, hacks into your website to post a picture of the Lord of the Rings logo and a picture of pats (which actually links you to their site), because compared to someone like that you pale in comparison… no rum and coke required.

    And squeak… of course they shouldn’t get married at Pat’s, that would just be stupid. That’s clearly where the reception would be held, not the marriage. Jeez.

  2. damnit i messed up my punchline.. it was supposed to say “That’s clearly where the reception would be held, not the WEDDING.” damn, i suck – and now it’s documented.

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