… or “I’m the Geek – Volume 2”

Still trapped in the cultural and social hotspot of America that is Fort Wayne, Indiana (see today’s other entry), I figured I would comment on recent events that have once again caused me to wonder how I am the one labeled as the geek.

I have quite a bit of computer stuff. A certain bridesmaid who likes to work with dead people and the mother of a certain flower girl had their share of comments on the absurdity of me owning so much computer stuff. To a certain extent I agree. On the other hand, it’s just what I’m into, so I don’t see the issue. The aforementioned hecklers, as I’m sure many women reading this would agree, don’t seem to understand the need for so much equipment.

Two words for all of you: Coach bags.

Meg has recently expressed an interest in purchasing one of these seemingly ordinary, yet undoubtedly magically enchanted by some otherworldly force, bags. She’s shown me a few of them.

It’s a bag.

It’s a bag with a little label that says “Coach.”

And above all, it’s an expensive bag.

Yet for some reason, these bags possess a quality that men cannot see. We just cannot comprehend what makes these bags so desirable. Perhaps, we lack the mental capacity to comprehend the divine nature of these bags. Maybe they emit a hormone that men do not possess the receptors to notice. Half the time, I can’t even tell a Coach bag from any other purse.

Even more disheartening is trying to figure out how these bags achieved the mystical power they command through leather and buckle. Who first saw a Coach bag and said “I’d pay $400 for that!” Who heard that and then said, “From here on out, I shall charge $400 for all of them.” How does a brand name become a brand name? If there are any marketing majors out there that can shed some light on this, I’d be most appreciative.

Perhaps Coach bags are the yang to the yin that is men’s obsession with electrical gadgets. Yet somehow, if this dichotomy does in fact exist, the net result is still that I am “the geek”, and the woman counterpart is “in style.”

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