The Longest Day – Epilogue

This is the last in what became a 4 part series on my recent business trip to Indiana. If you haven’t read the last few entries, start back at “Greetings from Indiana” so you’re not totally lost.

Well, I write this to you from the comfort of my Yankee Candle laced house. As anticipated, I didn’t bother to set my alarm and woke up on my own accord, and am now “working” from home.

The rest of the night is a bit of a blur. I managed to fall asleep on the floor shortly after stopping that last novel of a blog entry. I was soon woken up to board the plane, at which time I fell asleep again until we landed. After a long hike across the economy parking lot at 3:30am, and probably the fastest trip from the airport to home, I found my way to my bed at 4am.

In the interest of trying to make the best of the situation, I figured I would enlighten everyone by posting “What did I learn last night?”

  • Clouds are evil. All of that crap about nice puffy white clouds being beautiful is a farce, invented solely to hide the true face of evil. Ever fly through a cloud? Ugh.
  • Never fly with someone who is more comfortable than you are in the air. One would think it would be reassuring to be with someone with confidence. It’s not. Anyone with confidence in the air should be not only avoided at all costs, but should be viewed as a danger to society.
  • Pittsburgh shuts down at 10:30pm. If you ever have to fly through Pittsburgh, bring your own food.
  • Pittsburgh also has no power outlets. If you ever have to fly through Pittsburgh, bring a generator.
  • After 1am, Pittsburgh airport is eerily similar the mall in Dawn of the Dead. I’m not making that one up, maybe it was all the closed stores, but I had some serious flashbacks to the recent remake of that movie.
  • In fact, just try not to fly through Pittsburgh ever.
  • Apparently, a plane can be struck by lightning and continue to fly. While this is somewhat comforting knowledge, I never plan on getting in a plane again, so it makes little difference to me.
  • Hindsight is 20/20. You’ll notice at the onset of this 4 entry epic that the only reason I was on this flight was because I got finished early at work. By all rights, I wasn’t even supposed to be on that flight…


  1. AHHAHAH.. this has been the funniest 5 hrs of my life reading this…almost sad you came back… j/k.. welcome back.. get some rest.
    oh yeah, and you’re wrong… RAW hasn’t even finished on my TV yet..
    breaking news: this just in from jason dobies will be starring in ‘castaway 2:the pit of hell’

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