Bachelorette Parties

In keeping things topical, I want to comment on something we saw last weekend during Rob’s bachelor party (which, incidentally, was a blast).

So I’m standing at the bar, trying my best to get the attention of any of the myriad of bartenders flying around, in order to buy Rob his umpteenth shot of the night (it ended up being a Kamakazi for anyone interested). A woman standing next to me at the bar turns to me and starts talking. She’s with two other women, and the biggest reason that I even noticed that was because they all had various… um, phallic paraphernalia. They also each wore a nametag depicting a stereo-typical stripper name; I had the pleasure of speaking with “Exotica” and “Bubbles”. Even at this point, I could possibly have ignored the entire situation had they not asked me if I was wearing boxer shorts and, more to the point, if they could have them for a scavenger hunt.

Not surprisingly, they were there for a bachelorette party (of which there happened to be many in AC that night). In trying to get the conversation away from my boxer shorts, I started talking about our respective agendas for the night. What followed was a more detailed schedule than that of the recent Democratic Convention (intentionally omitting any political views I may possess here). Everything was planned down to the minute, with all sorts of “extras”. These extras seemed to all involve random men for one reason or another, be it getting phone numbers and boxers alike.

Our agenda was much more simplistic. Atlantic City: Dinner, Drinking, Gambling. Not necessarily in that order. We didn’t head down there with any idea of which restaurant, bar, or casino we’d end up at. And more importantly, we didn’t have any cute bachelor party games planned; Rob did not get a pair of rubber breasts to carry around all night and I most definitely did not ask for anyone for her bra.

Which brings me to my point. Bachelor parties are typically held in the poorest light. Guys, either attending or being the reason for said party, typically get some form of crap for what may have transpired on that night (to give credit where credit is due, Meg has not expressed an ounce of concern about what may emerge from the delusional mind of Lucas for my bachelor party). Yet last weekend was an example of what I seem to see more and more; bachelorette parties appear to be much more risque than their male counterparts. So before getting up in arms about what Joe Bachelor may do at his bachelor party, I ask that brides-to-be first wait to see what the maid of honor has in store for their bachelorette party. It’s probably not as PG-13 as you make it out to be.


  1. AMEN!… bout time someone told it like it is..

    i truly feel that men have gotten this horrible rap about what goes on at bachelor parties (the drunkeness… the strippers… whatever it may be… the worse thing a guy will do is get lap dances from a stripper(s) if he had cool friends..ahaha.
    seriously, though.. people (read: girls) associate bachelor parties as ‘my husband to be is going to get drunk off his a$$ and his friends are going to pool their $$ together and get some hooker/stripper to get him laid?. while that may happen in certain scenarios (thanks Hollywood), it’s hardly the case. if you have cool friends they will not put you in that type of situation. your friends aren’t goin to destroy your marriage just so you can get your rocks off one more time.

    bacholerettes though i’ve seen to be much more open about their doings. Girls are just as bad if not WORSE… they parade around the bars flirting w/ anything that moves asking for favors (scavenger hunts) or the famous ‘suck for a buck’ t-shirt… little more explicit than what men do. case in point… my recent b-day down in pt pleasant. we went to a bar/club which there happen to be a large amount of bachelorette parties going on. you wouldn’t know the difference b/w a bride to be and band groupie with the way they acted. they get up on stage (after being announced to the place that ‘this chick is now off the market?) and proceed to do things to the lead singer of the awful cover band that were so bad, i actually had to look away. groping would be putting it mildly. yet girls don’t want their men having strippers??’s the same crap.

    I think a couple that love each other that deeply that are willing to take it to the next step aren’t going to put themselves in a situation that would jeopardize their soon to be marriage? setting boundaries is retarded as it screams “I love you, but I just don’t trust you”.. you should know better on your own what’s right/wrong. Too bad other friends of mine don’t read your blogs.

    I think you hit a nerve w/me, jay. Congrats.

  2. (to give credit where credit is due, Meg has not expressed an ounce of concern about what may emerge from the delusional mind of Lucas for my bachelor party).

    – Meg has nothing to worry about anyway.. as per the above entry, i’m not an a$$hole like that. Something’s brewing.. don’t you worry.

  3. its so funny I was going to talk about the shore experience we saw.
    I think that the whole thing is every intersting. I just say that as long as its good clean fun – then its all good.

  4. “I just say that as long as its good clean fun – then its all good.”

    I completely agree, but what Lucas and I are getting at is that the concept of “clean” seems to vary for men and women.

  5. exactly.. suck for a buck is funny.. but if it was ‘give a coin to pull my loin’.. i think the fiancee would be pissed. (tell me that went through?)

  6. I agree with Michelle on the good clean fun thing and the spa and going to a bar idea. Personally I dont want to be walking around a bar wearing a fake veil and asking guys for their underware. Now that sounds like sorority initiation to me!

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