“You’re being a real trooper today”

A few months ago, Meg found me to tell me she selected a photographer.

“Remember how I told you about Tony the photographer?”
“Yes” (read: “No”)
“Ok, well he gave me the information on the available packages. We can get blah blah blah… negatives… blah blah… engagement pictures…. blah blah… it’ll be great.”
“Cool” (read: “Please don’t ask me any questions on it”)
“So what do you think?”

“Um… white?”

My 8th grade basketball coach once said that when dealing with women the only thing you ever need to know is “Yes, yes, yes, and white”. “Yes” is supposedly the only answer you need, until she asks for a color, in which case “white” is a valid answer. I came to two conclusions as I braced myself for the impending doom that only a man who has zoned out for 15 minutes of photographer packages has warranted.

1.) Never listen to a man who has to make himself feel better by beating 8th graders in basketball (only like 2% of the readers of this site can appreciate that, but trust me, that was damn funny).
2.) “Yes, yes, yes, and white” is crap advice.

Luckily, Meg went with her instincts and picked this Tony guy anyway. Fine by me, I trust her ability to research anything wedding-related ad nauseam.

Fast forward to last week. Meg informs me we are taking our engagement pictures the coming Saturday. Any faithful reader of the site can probably guess that I had no clue what an engagement picture was at the time. Realize that having taken said engagement pictures, I still don’t have a clue what the purpose was. I didn’t even try to point out that we got engaged some 16 months ago.

The most interesting aspect of the whole experience was the location of the pictures. One would assume to go to a park, garden, or some other place whose purpose largely involves allergies and scenic pictures. But Tony had a different idea for a great location to celebrate our engagement.

A cemetery.

The joke practically writes itself on that one, and I’ll leave it to JJ to keep the running list of how many things in this wedding involve death.

I’m not entirely sure of how many pictures out of the roll of film he took we get to keep, but when we get them I’ll try to figure out a way to get them on the site.


  1. Are engagement pictures the beginning of the documentation circle? 1) The happy couple get engaged 2) Frazzled couple as wedding day nears 3) Homicidal couple as plans go awry & disagreements abound 4) WEDDING DAY !!!!!!!!! The happy couple celebrate their 1st victory.. SURVIVING THE WEDDING PLANS !!!!!

  2. You and Meg had engagement pictures taken at a
    cemetary???? You are kidding, aren’t you?????

    I also can appreciate you comments on COACHES!!!

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