Ok, seriously…

… she’s out of control.

She’s mailing us an invitation to our own wedding.

I will repeat that.

She’s mailing us an invitation to our own wedding.

Not only are we getting an invitation, but she is actually taking the time, effort, and stamp to mail it back to us.

The invitation will leave our house, travel via truck, plane, and likely carrier pigeon (since that’s more formal, of course) only to arrive…

… back at our house.

I just… nevermind, I can’t even think of a comment on that one. I’m punching out of this entry; every so often, you encounter a situation that writes its own punchline.


  1. I know this is going to sound silly but, You know how you said that all these marks would be on the invite when it got to us. Well this is to see what kind of marks. Also If you have the post office hand stamp them it makes it less messy. Ok I know too much about weddings.

  2. Meg’s only mailing from the post office because she doesn’t want the letter carrier to think she’s nuts for trying to mail herself something.

  3. Jay – it’s so that you know about when your guests are starting to receive them… I plan on doing the same. I also plan on Disney mailing us one of our std’s that are going out soon… I’ve gotta take Meg’s side :)

  4. Heather – It’s not enough to simply add 4 days to the date you sent the invitations?

    The better question is why the hell am I still trying to fight this one?

  5. Yeah, don’t get me started JJ. Not only do I have to deal with Knottie-speak, but I have to deal with DisneyMooner-speak as well. STDs, BMs, GMs, EMs, SMs, FMIL, and… pixie dust. That’s right, pixie dust.

  6. Pixie Dust are merley good wishes… And, it’s not just for weddings… you know that stuff that you see flying from Tinkerbell’s wand?? That’s also pixie dust…

  7. I figured that the stuff flying from Tink’s wand is pixie dust, but I just wasn’t sure of the correlation between that and weddings…

  8. That’s the tie in, pixie stix are part of the desert menu. That would rule, I’d take them over wedding cake any day.

  9. Since Jon brought up the pixie dust… Michelle – It’s not actually something tangible, just good thoughts/wishes/etc. Like if you’re having a bad day, you could be “given” pixie dust… Enough about that though… sorry for hi-jacking the post :)

  10. wow… this post is getting insane… way to ruffle feathers jay…ahahha. j/k. we’re still talking about the invitations to your wedding right? it’s like car wreck w/all these posts.

    so yeah… let’s move this party over to the other blogs entries.. punching out.

  11. Finally a short entry to draw my short attention span. And worth the read.

    Would be funny if you guys forget to mail an invitation to someone else.

    And Meg, this is great –
    “No faith in the wisdom of the post man… I am mailing them from the post office :)”
    stick it to the frosh…

  12. Why is Meg on such an informal basis with Tinkerbell? She called him(her?) “Tink”!

    Good thing JJ said “Heh, Disney is mailing Heather and Jon an std…”
    Someone had to say it, in my absence.

    So to keep that going – any thoughts on how you’d actually mail an std to someone? Could you mail one to yourself?

  13. I was “given” pixie dust once. About half a gram. That was enough to make me have some pretty good thoughts.

    heh heh, disney mailed them stds…
    does that mean minnie’s a dirty whore?

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