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Bear with me if this blog is a little unorganized today. If it is, it’s a good indication of what my day is shaping up to be. As I ate breakfast this morning I was looking over my perpetual to do list, realizing that the whirlwind tour of Cherry Hill it is going to take me on will necessitate stopping for gas at least once. I will concede to the fact that I can handle this amount of work seeing as we’re a week out from the wedding; had I had this sort of list two months ago, my head would have exploded.

“Did you get your groomsmen gifts yet?”
“My what-oh son of a bitch, don’t tell me I have to get them presents too.”
“Yes. That’s what you get for having 6 of them.”

You know, seeing as it’s our wedding, I’m buying an awful lot of gifts for other people. Speaking of gifts, you’d be hard pressed to find a diamond tennis bracelet anywhere in this house at present moment. Meg’s gift, or rather the first step of figuring out just what the hell to get her on top of her engagement and weddings rings, is another item on the aforementioned to do list.

“Have you figured out what you’re going to say at the rehearsal dinner?”
“What do you mean?”
“Your speech.”
“My speech? Lucas has to give one, not me. What do I have to talk about?”
[Meg bats her eyes lovingly]

New to do list item: “Find something nice to say about Meg.”

Meg’s busy today too. She’s on her way to Drexelbrook to finalize the plans and make the final payment. She asked if I wanted to go with her, but I realized that I can’t even be in the same state as the signing of that check. Though I did help her load the car with the first batch of stuff we’re providing to Drexelbrook.

“What are ‘knapkins’ ?”
“Hehe… ya, I misspelled napkins.”
“Well… no shit. I’m not even going to ask why we’re providing Drexelbrook with napkins.”
“They’re monogrammed.”

In addition to the knapkins, I loaded a bunch of boxes of favors.

“Could you grab the other box in the garage?”
[from garage] “The only one in here is the Alienware box.”
“Ya, that one.”
“You disgraced the Alienware box with wedding shit?”

Like I’ve said before, the good news of all this is that Meg is really, really relaxed lately. In fact, I’m probably more worried on behalf of her than she is. But I’m glad that her head is in the right place, she’s accepted the fact that anything that isn’t done yet, or hasn’t been thought of, can’t be important enough to ruin the day. I can’t tell you how much more bearable it makes both of our lives.

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