After a three day whirlwind of flowers, food, emotion, and incredible fun, the wedding is over and we find ourselves adjusting to the terms “wife” and “husband.”

The title of this entry is a bit misleading as this is really the introduction to the epilogue. There is way too much to cover in one entry, but I wanted to at least touch base with the site.

We’re back from the honeymoon, which was easily our best vacation yet. It’s going to sound strange, but we vacation very well together. Having done no research ahead of time, we never had to sit down and plan what we’re doing on each day. Somehow, we both just seemed to know what we were doing each day and neither of us felt like we missed anything. So in the coming few days, I’ll post more about the highlights, including the incredible restaurants we visited, diving off of catamarans, and nude beaches. It would have been nice to have brought a laptop down there so I could have blogged after each event, but in the end I was glad to have not touched a computer for over a week. Inevitably, the gods of travel screwed me over yet again, delaying our return flight until about 2:30am, but the week was too great already to have that bring our spirits down.



  1. One quick followup…

    I just checked my yahoo e-mail and found that my dad’s cousin Brian and my old boss Dave had both sent out pictures while we were on the honeymoon. When I get a chance I’ll get their pictures merged into the rest, but I wanted to give them credit for their prompt turnaround time. Thanks!

  2. nice to have you guys back… i’m sure you had a blast together.. now all you need is a vacation from your vacation to get you back into work mode.

    I’m burning pics onto a cd for you as well and you should be getting it in the next few days…

    talk soon

  3. I go to the pictures section assuming I’ll find one category “Wedding” only to find I was sorely mistaken. This should do well to give me something for when I get bored at work.

    Though, I must take offense at the statement that your wedding prep was “far from glamorous”. 😉

  4. Damn jay, i am so f—ing proud of you. We’re past the sentimentality of your wedding, so i’m actually refering to 1) the amazing fact that you didn’t use a computer while you were away and 2) how you signed off on your home page . That’s just a small victory for all of mankind.

  5. No prob about the pics… I know I want any of them anyone should happen to take of ours in (gulp) 5 months…

  6. ya know.. it took Tony’s email to realize that you updated the home page.. normally my eyes go directly to the ‘he says/she says’ links and i from there.

    stay classy?

    nice to see it starting to rub off on you… i smell movie night for the guys soon.. ahhahahah

  7. Let’s hear about the nudey beaches!!!! Who’d have thought one small psychotic break from wedding planning would cause you two to become a couple of heathens!!!!

  8. The pictures were great. Heather did a great job and we got to see pictures of things we weren’t around for. Can’t wait to see more…..

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