Breakfast… Of Death

I got food poison this morning.


We went to the Windjammer Cafe, like normal, for their buffet breakfast. I didn’t eat anything out of the ordinary; in fact, I probably ate less than usual.

Soon after, I had a crazy stomach ache. We were supposed to leave for our Beach X-Press Tour of Curacao not too long after lunch. Never having been to Curacao, and assuming my stomach problems were a hangover symptom after drinking away Meg’s near death experience, we went anyway.

The bus ride was about 30 minutes, during which Curacao looked pretty nice. We ended up at the beach, where I promptly made for the bathroom to begin a long series of, well, getting sick. I wandered back to our beach chairs and passed out for pretty much the duration of our time at the beach.

Miraculously, I survived the bus ride back to the ship, but I didn’t make it much past that. I ended up back in the room where I proceeded to expunge breakfast, dinner the previous night, last Thanksgiving dinner, and my shoes. A quick shower to get the sun tan lotion off and it was to bed for me.

I’ll save the gory details. But I will make reference to the South Park episode where Kenny was trying to keep his parents from getting pregnant. I was Kenny’s dad.

I decided to go to the doctor around 4:30, at which time I was pretty much told to go away by the nurse, being informed the doctor worked from 9-11am, and again from 3-5pm. The waiting room was packed, and I probably wouldn’t make it in to see the doctor. Great code of ethics. “Oops, 5pm, time to get to the Sunset Bar because the band is starting.”

I went back to the room and basically slept out the night, waking occasionally to take a sip of water, only to regret it 10 minutes later as I steamrolled Meg out of the way to the bathroom.

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