St. Maarten and St. Thomas

This is probably a good thing, but there isn’t too much to write about these two days. I’m not sick anymore, but I’m eating a fraction of my normal daily intake. I loathe my bed, which has a noticeable dip in my side of it.

We went to Orient Bay in St. Maarten, which was still as nice as it was 10 months ago when we were there. The whole island had a cool feeling of familiarity, and everyone we encountered was friendly.

The next stop was St. Thomas, which we saw only from a ferry over to St. John’s on our last excursion. St. John’s is awesome, it’s by far the greenest island we’ve been to. After a taxi ride through the mountains (stopping to take some great pictures) we ended up at Trunk Bay, which was ranked as one of the top ten beaches in the world. Understandably so; the beach was gorgeous. We took a ton of pictures there, which Meg should be posting soon in the gallery.

Like I said, not much worth mention, but a really good end to the trip.

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