I wrote this about a month ago, very soon after I found out. Now that we’ve finished telling people, I can actually post it. So if any of this sounds out of date, you know why.

I suppose I should start at the beginning. Well, maybe not the beginning, since that would technically stem back to conception and by now you should all realize that, with my writing style, that just would not be the most flattering picture to paint.

Back in October, I found myself in the wonderful annoying-as-hell state of Texas. The timing of the trip was actually, in a small way, convenient. We knew that the end of that week would, uh, “tell us” if Meg was pregnant (is there really a friendly of saying “Meg was supposed to get her period?”). That also meant it wasn’t a really important week for, um, trying to have the kid.

Man, this could get ugly real quick. Let’s get past all that.

We didn’t really talk about it, but I expected Meg to wait to take a pregnancy test until I called her from the Philly airport to say I landed and would be home soon. I figured if she took the test early in the week and it was positive, she’d go insane all week waiting to tell me in person. And if she told me in Dallas, I’d go running around the hotel telling people I didn’t even know to congratulate me.
I got home late on Friday night of that week, around 11:30pm. Meg met me at the top of the first flight of stairs like she normally does when I get back from business. She came off as completely normal (well, normal being a relative term for Meg), which is to say happy to see me but not bursting at the seams to tell me something. To be honest, the whole pregnancy thing wasn’t even on my mind at the time; it’s not that I assumed she tested and it was false, but rather I didn’t even think about it at all.

I head up to the bedroom, suitcase in one hand, laptop bag in the other. I got to the top of the stairs, at which point the bedroom door is immediately to my left. I glance to the right as I turned to enter the bedroom; I wasn’t looking for anything, just a general looking over the house. Something caught my eye in the office, but it didn’t stop me from walking into the bedroom.

Ever notice how, in the span of a half second, not only is your brain is capable of processing a surprisingly long train of thought, but how you can actually be aware of each step of the processing? Maybe that’s one difference between an athlete and a geek. When I’m training, I can see that the guy I’m sparring with is throwing a punch. The athlete’s brain immediately notified the hands to raise and block the punch. The geek (me) instead can think through each step of where his hand is going to land, how much it’s gonna suck when it does, and how I’m going to go about stopping the bleeding. About 17 seconds later, my hands finally get the message to block.

Getting back to the story at hand, within that half second of stepping into the bedroom, my brain had deconstructed the image in the office. I noticed there were balloons. Meg typically does something cute when I come home from being away that long, so that was my first impression. I then realized that the balloons were pastel yellow, pink, and blue. Odd colors for “welcome home” balloons. So my brain followed the balloons down to what was anchoring them to the desk. I realized it was a picture frame. Again, pastel colors (yellow) with a frog. Odd.

Keep in mind, this is all occuring during the one step I took into my bedroom, which means I was no longer looking into my office and the scene I was mentally deconstructing. Also realize that means this took place in the span of a second or so.

So what was in the picture frame? The words “Baby due July 1, 2007”.

It all started to come together now. I’d love to be obnoxious and say I was hurt that it wasn’t a welcome home setup, but there is no way I could even begin to lie about that. I dropped the suitcase (rather threw down pretty forcefully, which even now I wonder why that was my gut reaction) and turned around to see Meg crying. That’s when I knew it was for real.

I later found out that she took the test Thursday morning. Amazingly, she was completely calm and collected when we talked Thursday night and during the day on Friday. I have no idea how she kept her cool and didn’t just blurt it out, I doubt I would have had that much self control. She would go on to take 9 more tests over the course of the next week for a grand total of 10 little pee sticks with a line on them.

The next 8 months should be really interesting. There is so much to do and so much to learn, and of course I’m going to be blogging about all of it. Good times ahead.


  1. Wow! I had no idea thats how Meg told you. Thats such a cute idea! She is way more patient than I am! But that is so much better than just saying “I’m pregnant” over the phone. :)

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