Meg and Jay… and?

Meg got knocked up.

For quite some time now, I’ve been trying to figure out how to start this entry. I couldn’t be more excited about having a baby, but I also didn’t want to lose the sarcasm you’ve all come to know and love. Oh, and save the “So, who’s the father? BWAHAHAHA” comments. They were funny in the beginning, but have been done to death already, and I demand some creativity from my readers.

Where to start. I guess a basic update is in order. We’re just starting our 10th week today. We’ve had the first doctor appointment already and along with that, the first ultrasound. I can proudly say that our 1.7cm blob is healthy, with its white dot of a heartbeat happily flickering along on the monitor. There is a scanner in my office, so next time I actually go in I might scan it and get it on the site.

To answer a few other basic questions, no, we’re not going to find out what gender it is. Feel free to use “he” or “she” before the birth, just try to avoid “it”, despite any pot shots you may think that takes on me. Also don’t bother asking what we’re considering for names; we’re not telling people. I don’t want to deal with “Oh… you’re thinking of that?” for a name we potentially really like. You and your opinion can kiss my ass, it’s our kid.

The current due date varies depending on who you ask. The doctor says June 28th. I personally was disappointed to find that what I had previously thought to be a scientific approach was merely to find out when Meg’s last period ended, turn a dial based on a cardboard wheel, and poof, out comes the date. That’s crap, I could have gotten that from a monkey using the Internet. Meg says July 1st, and I say July 3rd (you’ll see why in the Announcements blog entry). So basically, sometime in the beginning of July.

It’s been a bitch to keep things quiet this long. We’ve been telling most friends and family face-to-face, so thank you to everyone who knew and didn’t say anything. I kept a few blog entries during the silence; if you were wondering why things have been a bit quiet, now you know why. I went back and forth with the best way to handle this, since the entries have been posted but marked as private (i.e. you can’t see unless you’re logged in, and only Meg and I have logins). That means they had old timestamps from when they were written (going back as far as October), and once marked as public would still be buried in the archives. I moved the dates up to December so they are located near this post, but for ease of catching up, here are the posts I’ve already made that no one has seen yet:

As you can obviously tell, I made up a new baby-inspired theme for the site. It was a pretty fun project, and again I’ve had to sit on it for weeks before actually being able to show anyone. Let me know if you see any problems with it, since I’ve been really lazy with testing it.

I guess that’s really all there is to say right now. Despite how much Meg and I have learned from Kaleigh and Kiera, you can imagine how much of this is new to us. It’ll be an interesting 7 months, and that’s before the kid is even born. Needless to say, it’ll give us good blog fodder, so at very least people should get a good laugh out of discovering how little I really know.


  1. Congrats again! Nice to finally have some baby-related blog entries. :)

    Also, I have to admit I laughed out loud when I saw the “Countdown to Baby” timer. Makes me think of another timer you guys had…

  2. It’s smart not to discuss names, that would’ve been one of my first tips on a little journey I like to call, LOSING YOUR MIND

  3. You have to put an edit button in for posters, just had a little hiccup with IE and now I have to make a seperate post….Anyhow, like I was sayin before, you don’t lose your mind all at one time, but over an expanse of years. Each little thing your child will do chips away at some once robust brain cells, thus leaving you weary and yet satisfied at some point that you have brought forth people who will make contributions to the world we live in. Enjoy all of it, cause it goes by way too fast. One day you’re changing their diapers, next day you’re giving them keys to the car. (a particularly horrendous chore I am enduring at this very moment!) Most of it isn’t exciting most of the time, there are highlights here and there, like the first time the baby sleeps through the night! First steps, first word, a ton of firsts and you and Meg get front row seats to every single one of ’em :) There will be a barrage of suggestions on how to do everything, and it’s up to you to see what works best. I’d say your parents would be the best starting point, they’ve already raised you guys and you seem to be fairly capable adults, no resume necessary for grandparents that’s for sure!

  4. I am so excited for you both !!! I love the new layout. I will say that I had some idea when meg ordered a bigger dress for our wedding !!!

  5. I’d just like to point out that when Meg told me I at first thought she was kidding. I asked about why Meg was drinking water at homecoming–mind you this is about 1PM, so there was still a good chance that she just hadn’t started yet—after all there was still plenty of drinking time to go. But I guess not being married has made me a little naive in these matters. My reaction to her saying “I’m pregnant” was immediately to think “I’m not falling for that one..” And I somehow muttered, “no, you’re not are you?” OK, so I can’t be right all that time…

    Congratulations to you both, I am very happy for you!

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