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It took me about 45 minutes to decide on a name for my Warcraft character. With that in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the discussions on names have been frequent and thorough. When a new name comes up, there is a series of tests it must pass before we even start to talk about whether or not we want to subject our child to it for the rest of his/her life.

  • Shortened Form – Do we like the shorter version of the name. I always liked being able to use Jason or Jay, but there’s always the possibility that the shorter version of the name would sound ridiculous yet become commonly used. For instance, I coined “Mimi” for my sister Michelle, which stuck around for a surprisingly long time.
  • Nicknames – There’s always going to be some obnoxious spin on a name, but the more we can minimize the potential, the better. Melissa’s little sister used to call her “Bob”, so I realize that I’m not going to be able to fully control this. I have no idea how on earth she transitioned Melissa into Bob, so don’t bother asking me to try to explain it. Just realize it’s Melissa, which means it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that it’s weird.
  • Initials – After extensive research, there are a number of terms that end in D that we might want to avoid. Luckily, none are really all that catastrophic that end with D, but it’s still something to take into consideration. For instance, Melissa’s last name begins with S, so Amanda Sarah is probably not in her and Phil’s future.

We’ve had at least one casualty that I can remember (naming conversations spring up at the strangest times, so I’m going to have to carry a little notepad to capture all of it). Early on, we both liked Abigail. It failed the first test, as “Abby Dobies”, despite the fact that it does roll of the tongue nicely, sounds like it should be the name of a Disney character.

As I’ve said before, we’re not telling people what names we’re considering, so save us the time and don’t bother asking (thanks to Nancy and Becca, both moms, for validating that approach). I will say that so far we’ve largely only considered boys names. If come July, out pops a girl, we’re going to have an interesting situation on our hands. Also, you won’t be seeing a Jason Jr. running around. Meg yells at me enough without having to wonder if it’s me or the kid in trouble.

That having been said, it’s not like our friends haven’t been having fun with it. Pretty much since the moment I told JJ, the two of us have been coming up with an assortment of what I believed to be the worst possible combinations with my last name. I say “what I believed” because once Thadd and Matt found out, they completely ran with it and came up with, rather quickly, names and initials I hadn’t seen the potential for. Some of the better ones include:

Gail Olivia – G.O.D.
Samantha Tabitha – S.T.D.
Larry Samuel – L.S.D.
William Michael – W.M.D.
Charles Carlton – C.C.D.
Andrew David – A.D.D.
Thomas Brian – T.B.D.
Brad Victor – B.V.D.

And my personal favorite, with credit going to Matt:

William Walter Jacob – W.W.J.D.

Feel free to comment with any good ones I’m missing. Again, joking names only, I don’t want to be in a position of having to say “Oh, thats a good one” when in reality I hate it and I hope my kid will kick the shit out of any kids with that name.

One last comment. Ideally, I’d like to keep the blogs on this site archived in some readable capacity after the site eventually ends. My hope is that it will be an interesting view into the past of who me and Meg were at this point in our lives. If that’s the case, I have this sinking suspicion that this will be the blog that makes my kids look at me and say “Thank God mom had the final decision on the name.” and/or “Dad, what the hell is wrong with you?”


  1. LOLOLOL Abby Dobies, sounds like something Bill Cosby would say i.e. Obiekabey! Coulda been worse..how bout Opie Dobies? LOLOLOLOL

  2. Uh oh, last minute entry..I have dragged Jeff over to the dark side with me and he suggested Tobey Dobies LOLOL Oh yeah, we’re gonna get lotsa mileage outta this one!

  3. Hell yeah on the Cosby reference, was that the dentist bit or another from that show? And “Tobey Dobies” is something I hadn’t thought of but actually made me laugh out loud… nice to see that within like an hour of me posting people are already thinking of things I missed.

  4. there are names I would never name my child based on bad experiences with certain people. Also my mom didnt find out what i was going to be and thought I would be a boy. She had Michael set up for me.

  5. It’s funny when people go with names that sound the same when they don’t know what the kid is going to be (Michelle/Michael). I was going to be Jillian if I was a girl.

    And ya, we’ve each had to rule out names the other liked because of bad past experiences. It’s weird how I can’t get past the memory of certain people.

  6. I fear telling you the names I hate bc maybe you would pick it. So do you have a book of names? are you doing a name with some meaning behind it? I am named for my grandpa Max

  7. We haven’t completely decided on getting a book of names or not (unless Meg already got one). Personally, I don’t see the need; names are everywhere and if we really liked a name, we remembered it from when we heard it.

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