Random Baby Bits

There are a bunch of little stories that don’t warrant the normal drawn out blog entry but still need to get told. So I figured I’d bunch them up into one post.

I found a great example of irony in the real world as we were setting up the baby’s room. We have a pack of diapers we were putting out in the basket on the changing table. One diaper had a picture of Pooh on the back. When Meg didn’t see the humor in that, I explained it’d be like buying her a t-shirt with a picture of two milk cartons on the front.

Some Assembly Required is the biggest bullshit phrase I’ve heard since Meg told me “Yes, I’m still on birth control.” After an hour and a half, the damn stroller still only has three wheels on it.

It must be hard to change the size and shape of your body that quickly. Meg has no idea just how far her stomach extends anymore. One time, she came up behind me with the goal of putting her arms around my neck and hugging me. Her stomach arrived about 8 seconds before the rest of her body did, and the sheer force of it knocked me off balance. Even worse was the time she tried to close the refrigerator door, only to have it bounce off her stomach when she didn’t get it out of the way quickly enough.

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