It’s a girl!

I had every intention of making this blog entry a long, drawn out story that left the details of boy or girl until the very end. No one should be that surprised I’m that much of an ass. But frankly, I’m too damn tired. :)

There’s a ton to say, but that will have to come with time. For now, let’s skip to the summary:

Leanne Abigail Dobies
8lbs, 22 inches
July 5th, 11:16pm

I blogged during the day on Thursday while waiting for the baby to come, but my laptop is still at the hospital (along with mom and baby). I stopped home quickly because we’re staying in the hospital two days longer than anticipated and to be blunt, I ran out of boxers (so many people offered to pick us up anything we needed, but I didn’t feel the need to subject them to having to go to my house and bring me boxers). Everything is fine, Meg just ended up needing a C-section because her body didn’t want to let the baby out. It wasn’t even an emergency C-section (I’ll eventually explain the difference), so it’s not like anything was ever at risk.

Meg is doing well. I can’t tell you how proud I am of her, she did an amazing job. Her recovery is going extremely smoothly and she’s already up and about.

Leanne is also doing well. The kid is truly a Dobies; I’ve had to change at least a half dozen shit-filled diapers already. She has mom’s looks and dad’s ass. She doesn’t quite have the concept of night and day down yet, sleeping soundly for all the guests during the day and wailing up a storm at night (well, for the one night she’s been alive at least). And despite all of this, I can’t keep my hands off her.

Dad is trying to absorb all of what has just happened in the last 48 hours. The phrase “I have a daughter” keeps ringing in my head but I can’t fully grasp it yet. I didn’t pass out or anything during delivery, though I’ll fully admit that despite not looking, I was a bit woozy during the epidural.

I owe a ton of people e-mail or text message replies, and I’ll get to them when I can. But while I was home I at least wanted to post a quick update to appease the people who have been hammering the web site in anticipation. I’m serious about that, the web traffic has gone up to 8x more as we got close to and past the due date. We appreciate the interest :)



  1. Congrats Mom and Dad!!!! Leanne is absolutely beautiful!!!!! Jason – are you sure she is yours?? She looks a lot like Suri Cruise with her full head of hair. :)
    Ryan and I are glad to hear everyone is doing well! We were away on vacation and just got home today…. we didn’t have internet access and the first website I visited was yours! I couldn’t wait to get home to see if Meg had the baby. :)
    Congrats again!
    Karen (and Ryan)

  2. oh my god here I am crying. She is so beautiful. You both look so happy. Congrats to you both. We both cant wait to meet her in person.

  3. Congrats to you both…

    I can totally see the resemblence to Meg in Leanne. I already emiled you with most of my thoughts and happiness for you both so i won’t re-tell it here… but give my best to Meg and we look foward to seeing you guys and your precious new arrival soon enough..

  4. Congratulations, new parents! Leanne is adorable with her full head of hair. You guys all look so happy and like two very proud parents. Meg, I hope you have a speedy recovery! Best of luck with settling in next week! And get as much sleep as you can!

  5. Congratulations to you guys and the grandparents!!!! I have to say, she is one of the more attractive babies I’ve seen in a while, nope, she most definitely does not look like a little old man…or old lady for that matter :) All that hair, Meg must’ve had quite the case of heartburn!!!

  6. Congrats Meg and Jay! We’re glad to hear that everything went well. Meg – hope your recovery continues to do well.

    Leanne – you have the coolest parents in the world, don’t give them too many problems. :)

    You all let us know when you want visitors, until then, we’ll keep reading the blogs :)

  7. Wow Jay, you’re a dad! Congrats to you and Meg, I can only imagine how exciting this must be. Good luck to you and your new family 😀

    Take care.

  8. Just looking at the pictures again.. I see she has your nose jay.. hopefully she won’t have the same talent of nose bleeding on comand… ahahah

  9. Congrats again to both of you guys! She’s adorable! :)

    Leanne – Not only did I lose the baby pool, but you were also born with more hair than me. What gives? 😉

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