Baby Bits – Round 1

I figured having a kid would give me some great blog fodder. I’m sure it will in the future, but for now Leanne has pretty much resolved herself to: Eat, Sleep, Poop.

We did have some firsts for her over the past week. We have a picture of the first time she held a rattle on her own. That was a prelude to her latest trick, which is to pull on the shirt collar of whoever is holding her. It’s cute, except when we go too long between cutting her nails. I’m amazed at both the rate at which her nails grow as well as their relative sharpness. It’s no wonder the kid always has red scratches on her face, she leaves them on my chest too.

I managed to feed her her first bottle last week. It was a taxing experience for both of us, but after daddy realized to stop angling the bottle so he can watch and instead actually put it straight into her mouth, we were golden. We were also covered with milk by the end of it. I had to suppress the urge to freak the hell out at the feeling of Leanne’s neck sticking to my arm because of breast milk. Yuck.

Last Saturday was baby’s first cage fights. My gym was holding a tournament in which most of my friends were competing. More importantly, Kristy said she was bringing her 9 month old girl, Ryan. So instead of heading straight to the mats to help my friends warm up, I hung out with the other parents in the kids section. I realize that I’m at a very different point than the 20 year old guys I train with, and I’m fine with that. Still, there going to be some beatings given out tonight just to convince myself that I can still keep up with the young guys.

Talking to Kristy, I didn’t realize how alike Ryan and Leanne were at birth. Both were born at 8lbs, 1/2 ounce. Ryan was a mere 1/2 inch shorter than Leanne, which is a very acceptable margin of error given they are measuring a kicking, screaming baby. It was weird to see how big Ryan is at 9 months, and I can already see that by that time, I’ll be wanting another newborn around the house.

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