Ok, I get that Frozen is huge. I liked it too, at least the first 17 times I was subjected to it. And I totally see the desire to shit out any and all possible merchandise.

But holy shit, the only doll they had available at the parks this week… ok, lemme see if I can describe this. It’s Elsa in a dress. So far, so good.

Then you flip the dress up over her head. As in, that’s the point of the doll, not just something I do in my spare time to see if I’ll get arrested or not. Creepy, but come with me on this.

Instead of legs, there’s an upside-down Anna. The underside of Elsa’s dress is Anna’s. So it’s… I dunno, two dolls in one?

I could be more forgiving if the story premise was that they were the same person and somehow switched between the two. I say “more forgiving” because there’s no real justification for this abomination. Even if that were the case, it doesn’t change the fact that it looks like Elsa is giving birth to an adult Anna.