9pm and Austin is still resisting going to sleep. In the two times I’ve been up to his room, he’s claimed his nose, his mouth, and his feet hurt. While I suspect all of that is bullshit, it’s very real that *my* head now hurts.

I finally decided to fill a small medicine measuring cup with water and a tiny bit of Mio grape flavoring. I gave it to him saying it was “medicine”.

He’s out cold.

I’m sure in some way I should feel guilty about this, but realistically, I’m entirely too proud of myself to care that I just lied right to his little face.


8:30 and the girl is also still awake. Yesterday, she fell in school and smacked the right side of her head into a chair. She was fine while we played, watched Gravity Falls, and watched Star Wars Rebels. When it came time to put her to bed, suddenly, we had a catastrophe.

She has a sound machine on the right side of her bed. It plays music and lights up with a little jungle scene. Allegedly, she can’t fall asleep unless she’s looking at it. But she can’t look at it because then she has to lay on the right side of her face that hurts.

So the first time she came downstairs, I had her put the Boo Boo Sheep on her face for a bit. I was hoping it would numb her face, or at least, shut her up long enough to get tired. After a few minutes, I sent her upstairs.

Three minutes later, I hear little feet stamping into my room.

“Are you on fire?”
“Then go back to bed.”

That didn’t work. But I had another idea. I walked her upstairs, put her pillow at the foot of her bed, and laid her down on the left side of her body, in full view of her sound machine.

I’m on a damn roll tonight.