Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation, Day 1:

The kids are already fighting. It’s not even 9:30 yet.

This time it was about who gets to do what when going to get the mail. Credit to Meg for already devising a way to get them to willingly walk away from her. Summer vacation is a series of those small wins. Three minutes down, 100,797 left until school starts.

But the implementation left something to be desired. She outlined it to them as having three tasks:

  • Get the delivered mail
  • Put the outgoing mail in the mailbox
  • Raise the mailbox flag

That’s some basic math shit right there that she failed. 3 tasks do not divide evenly over 2 children. And so, our first fight.

Meanwhile, Leanne has already downloaded an iPad app that is supposed to give ideas of what to do when she’s bored. The first one told her to have a snack, confirming that the app is either a giant commercial in disguise or written by a sadistic, disgruntled programmer who found a creative new way to fuck with people.

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