Working from home full time, I’m constantly aware of the ebb and flow of the mood of the house. Today is one of the more interesting days.

Leanne is bored. I know this because despite noise canceling headphones, brain-rattling dubstep, and a locked door, I can hear her recurring announcement to the entire house of her boredom. Her sighs are deep enough to cause a pressure differential in the house and make my ears pop.

To be fair, this is largely a victory. This is the first time all summer she’s complained about being bored. Sure, she’s complaining enough to make it feel as if it’s been going on for weeks, but she made it until the last day of summer vacation before I entertained locking her out of the house.

Meg, on other hand, is literally dancing in the kitchen. I haven’t seen her this happy since… well, probably last year around this time. She’s not explicitly attributing it to school starting, but at the same time, she totally looks like a Staples “back to school” commercial right now. Meg’s elation is further annoying Leanne in her boredom, which in turn makes Meg happier that she’ll be in school tomorrow.

This spiral of misery is complicated by the back to school outfit discussion that took place earlier.

“I don’t have any clothes.”

That was from my 8 year ol– hang on, not yet.

“I need new clothes for school.”

Ok, now I can finish that thought. My “8 year old going on 15”.

I raised the volume in my headphones, but still heard a few choice nuggets.

“You can’t just wear flip flops, you need sneakers on gym days” (suffice it to say, that one was Meg)
“I don’t like my sneakers.” (that one should be pretty obvious)

Meanwhile, Austin is running around the house — I shit you not — yelling “I’M NAKED.” I went downstairs to get coffee. Upon opening my office door, his streaking, little white butt cheeks flew by.

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